What I eat in a day #6

Hi guys, I know I was quite absent recently, but coming back to school after my exchange is not so easy and I need to spend definitely more time on studying and working harder. I also changed my workout routine and I push myself harder, because I was really missing it during my exchange :)

Anyway, today is finally the time (after more than 4 months) for a “What I eat in a day” that I think is my favorite type of posts I write here :) I really love watching this kind videos on YouTube and sharing the food I eat is also really funny for me.


For breakfast I had my favorite oatmeal combo-banana&PB <3 It was a big bowl (something like 7 tbsp oats, 2 big tbsp PB and 2 bananas) so as you can see I love big breakfasts <3



LUNCH (14.45)

I prepared baked potatoes (5 in total, big and small) and salad with “honey”-mustard dressing <3 I also added some ketchup (lots of ketchup) ’cause ketchup is life, right?

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


DINNER (18.45)

I ate 4 big mandarines, 1/4 pomelo, 10 fresh dates and one big square of dark chocolate <3


And that was all I ate today, I also drank 3l water through the day :) If it goes about workout, I did cardio (stationary bike) for 30 minutes, then Tiffany Rothe’s waist workout (10 minutes) and some butt exercises :)



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