What I eat in a day #6

Hi guys, I know I was quite absent recently, but coming back to school after my exchange is not so easy and I need to spend definitely more time on studying and working harder. I also changed my workout routine and I push myself harder, because I was really missing it during my exchange :)

Anyway, today is finally the time (after more than 4 months) for a “What I eat in a day” that I think is my favorite type of posts I write here :) I really love watching this kind videos on YouTube and sharing the food I eat is also really funny for me.


For breakfast I had my favorite oatmeal combo-banana&PB <3 It was a big bowl (something like 7 tbsp oats, 2 big tbsp PB and 2 bananas) so as you can see I love big breakfasts <3



LUNCH (14.45)

I prepared baked potatoes (5 in total, big and small) and salad with “honey”-mustard dressing <3 I also added some ketchup (lots of ketchup) ’cause ketchup is life, right?

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DINNER (18.45)

I ate 4 big mandarines, 1/4 pomelo, 10 fresh dates and one big square of dark chocolate <3


And that was all I ate today, I also drank 3l water through the day :) If it goes about workout, I did cardio (stationary bike) for 30 minutes, then Tiffany Rothe’s waist workout (10 minutes) and some butt exercises :)


Why being skinny shouldn’t be your goal?

Today I’d like to write about something really important, yet not well understood by every girl who struggle with eating disorder. I write this post, because it breaks my heart when I see girls who start some new diet, they lose weight, look worse, but there is no one who can help them.

At the beginning of almost every eating disorder there is this feeling of being not good enough. Not skinny enough. Not funny enough. Just not enough. So you start to starve yourself, or you restrict yourself, you work out like crazy every single day or you purge. And there is no one to tell that it’s not the solution. That you can’t do this forever.

But the purpose of this post is not telling you how the beginning of an eating disorder looks like, today I want to tell you something really important.


Because being skinny doesn’t guarantee a happy life. A positive life. Life full of success, laugh, admiration and friends.


In out times the perfect body type is size zero, but how we all know the body type changes with time. There were many years when Marlyn Monroe’s body was a goal, today we rather admire Cara Delevingne’s silhouette. Body goals change and that’s why we shouldn’t care how we look or how many kgs we weigh as long as we’re not or we don’t feel unhealthy.

I hope that today you will stay in front of the mirror and tell yourself that you’re worthy, beautiful, strong and brave human being. Your body is amazing, because thanks to it you can move, run, laugh and do everything what makes you happy. The food is not your enemy, you need it to have energy to live. And being skinny is no longer your goal, because you choose health over self-hate


P.S. If you have any problem or you need help-DM on my Instagram is always opened for you <3