How to recover from binge eating disorder

I’m conscious that last post was here one month ago, but if you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that this last month was so crazy for me. For example, I can’t believe that exactly one week ago I was at school in France and today I’m sitting on the sofa in my home <3

Anyway, today I want to confess for the first time to a disorder I was fighting with for almost 2 years. I managed to recover and today I’m free. I decided to write this post for two reasons. First, few days ago, I’ve talked to my mum for the first time ever about my eating disorder past. Secondly, exactly one year ago, during the Christmas time, I was struggling with it so badly and I want to share my experience with girls who are struggling with it too right now.

(Everybody is different and your story can be different from mine. I’m writing about my experience and I also share my knowledge that I developed while helping many girls who have been struggling with binge eating disorder.)



My story with binge eating disorder had begun more than two years ago when I was struggling with anorexia. At the beginning I thought that I’m simply not strong enough to stop myself from eating too much. I didn’t understand that one of eating disorders was slowly going into another one. Binges were frequent and more frequent and somewhere in the middle I understood that it’s not normal. I started to read about it and I got to know that I had just met much worse eating disorder than I actually had.

In most cases, restricting calories and not eating enough for a long time causes binges. It’s completely normal, it’s nothing strange. This is how your body works. If you starve yourself, you’ll binge on food.


There is only one advice that I can give you if you struggle with BED. If the cause of your binges is the past or present with starving or restricting your body, then this tip is your key to freedom.

You need to start eating AT LEAST 2000 calories per day. Daily. No matter if yesterday you binged. Or even today. Tomorrow you need to eat enough. And the next day and so on…

This advice saved my life. Seriously. This is how I recovered. I understood that I needed to gain weight. I wanted to be healthy. I wanted to live.


Recovery is possible. Probably, right now you think that you’ll never stop binging on food. It’s not true. You will recover. You are a fighter. You can do it. But first, you have to believe it, because you’re your only key to recovery. Only you can decide how your life will look like in one year. Why one year? Because exactly one year ago, I was a big mess. I could binge for few days and then restrict my calories. My last Christmas was happy, but not true. I wasn’t true with my family. I know it wasn’t good. It wasn’t right.

But I managed to do it. I recovered. I’m healthy. Free. Happy. I laugh more. I eat without being guilty. I live.


Thank you for reading this. I love you all so much. You’re my biggest inspiration :)

If you ever need help, you can always DM me on Instagram or send me an email :) I’m here for you, I experienced it too and I’m always ready to help!


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