Q&A time #2

Another answers to your questions <3 You can always send me a DM on Instagram or some questions on Tumblr (link is on the right side) :*


1. What is your number one tip to love your body more (even if you have fat on your belly for example)?

My number one tip is to believe and understand that you have only one body, you can’t change it and you’ll never look like this model or actress. I think also what is really important is to focus on your soul, rather than your body. To be a good human and not a skinny girl. Body is only a home for your soul that gives you the possibility to do all these amazing things <3

2. If you have to choose for the rest of your life: sweet or savory? 

Definitely SWEET! To be honest, I eat only one savory meal during the day, because I love sweets so much. And I’m not saying only about sweets like chocolate or cakes, for me fruits are also little nature’s candies and I eat them very often :)

3. How often do you train?

I train when I want to. Some months 5 times a week, the other ones only 2 times. It all depends on my mood, time and many other factors. I used to train more in Poland, because I was using my stationary bike and I could for example watch some YouTube videos while riding a bike. Now, during my exchange, I do my workout only with YouTube videos, because the stationary bike in my host family’s house is not so good like mine in Poland and I don’t like riding it.

4. What and how much do you eat?

I follow vegan high carb diet, I eat more than 2000 calories per day, whenever I want, whatever I want :) The examples of my meals you can see in my “what I eat in a day” posts, here on my blog :)

5. Are you planning to live abroad or will you stay in Poland?

I will definitely live abroad in the future or at least travel a lot. Now, after that experience with my exchange in France, I have to say that I understood how much I love Poland and how great country it is. Nevertheless, I would like also to visit different countries, people and have the possibility to meet with my followers and people who want to get to know more about veganism, recovery or simply positive life :)

For sure I will go some day to the USA, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia and Asia <3

6. Do you think vegan food is more expensive than food for meat eaters? I want to become vegan and because I will probably live on my own soon, I’m sceptic about buying vegan food.

I think that everything depends on the exact food you eat. Raw foods are much more expensive than things you can cooked for example fruits (especially exotic ones), nuts, grains etc. In general, veggies are cheaper than fruits and if you eat a lot of products like potatoes, rice, oats, carrots etc., it doesn’t cost a fortune. Everything depends on your choice, you can be a vegan who spends a lot of money on food or very less.

Comparing to person who eats animal products, I think for example that I spend a very similar amounts of money on food. If you’re interested in what I exactly eat, you can check out my “what I eat in a day” posts :)

7. Have you ever had a boyfriend? I’m 18 and I still haven’t had one. I feel so unwanted.

I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’m 17 (turning 18 in January) and I don’t feel unwanted. I believe that everything comes to us in right moment and the fact that I’ve never was in a real relationship doesn’t mean that I’m ugly, stupid or any other adjective you can imagine and you would like to put in. Everyone is different and you shouldn’t feel bad if your friends have boyfriends and you haven’t. Life is not only about being in couple and how I wrote before-I believe that when there’s  a good moment for you to have a boyfriend, you find it.

Don’t be sad because of it and don’t feel worse than anybody else only because you have never been in couple. Enjoy your life, live the moment and wait for all these beautiful and exciting things to come :) P.S. You can also read my old post about LOVE :*


8. Have you ever thought of living on your own in a near future? I am 18 and I really really want to live on my own but I don’t have enough money :(

Yes, I have been thinking about it, because I can’t imagine living with my parents for the rest of my life :) I try to save some money right now and I’m thinking also of working during the summer holiday and while being at uni. It’s kinda sad that everything is so expensive lately and without money we actually can’t live.

9. I am senior now and I want to study abroad, in Netherlands (in English of course). I’m afraid of applying on the uni because I feel like I’m not good enough for studying in foreign country, in foreign language…I know you are currently in France, so did you have the same problems of switching to French from Polish? 

I think that it’s a great idea to study abroad and everybody is good enough to try and advance in language while staying in a foreign country. You can treat it like a long travel, but in my opinion no matter which level of English you have, you should try at least.

9.1. Have you advanced while being in France?

I’ve advanced in French like never before in two first months of my exchange and I know I couldn’t do it without living actually in France. Now, I feel much confident in speaking French and I even started to think in that language :)

9.2. Do you think I will learn speaking English better if I go studying abroad?

I’M SURE you will learn speaking English better, because studying and living abroad is the best possible opportunity to advance in some language and to start speaking fluently that language :) Don’t be scared, you won’t regret it and I’m sure you’ll be back speaking English fluently without fear!


Thank you for asking me these questions, I will do some other Q&As in the future for sure so stay tuned :)



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