My 10 top vegan people on social media :) #2

So, here is second part of list of my favourite vegans on social media. I know you had to wait for it few months, but I forgot to add the end of my list. Anyway, you can enjoy it now!

6. Maximiliane Hansen (YouTube, Instagram)


Absolute babe, amazing and so wise girl :) I love her YouTube videos and Instagram as well, you definitely check out her video about gaining weight and body positivity in our times :)

7. Caitlin Shoemaker (YouTube, Instagram)


I always drool when I scroll through Caitlin’s IG profile <3 Her food creations, personality and lovely YouTube videos are things I love the most :)

8. Stella Rae (YouTube)


Stella is another person who is so open, honest and inspiring that you have to check out her videos asap <3

9. Karolina Sobańska (YouTube, Instagram)


So, Karolina is the only Polish YouTuber on my list, because she also runs an English channel and I love her recipes and meal ideas :)

10. Angelina Draper (YouTube, Instagram)


Last but not least. Open, honest, brave and strong. Amazing girl with an extraordinary point of view at life. She shares her thoughts and I love watching her videos where she talks, but also prepares some yummy vegan meals <3


So that’s the end of my “10 top vegan people on social media” list, but I need to say that it was quite enjoyable to prepare this one for you. If you want to read and see more posts like this, just give me some ideas and I will share with you my favourite things lists :)


Missing home. My exchange experience

I need to say that I decided to write this post in one small second. I don’t know even how it will look like at the end, but I feel this need and willingness to share with you my current feelings and emotions.

How you probably know, or not, at the end of August I came to France for almost 4 months for a school exchange. I made this decision before choosing a high school, because I knew about this possibility and I always wanted to improve my french level by an experience like this. But in fact, I had completely no idea how an exchange looks like in real life and how many so different boundaries I will meet on my way.

Before this exchange I was scared of so many different things, but what’s the funniest thing-none of them is my problem now. I was scared of my language level, feeling homesick all the time, problems with Polish school and work and many, many more. Actually, any of these “problems” were problems for me. Speaking in French is really easy, sometimes I can’t find an exact word, but I always can describe it. Feeling homesick is actually my problem, but in completely different way than I was thinking before. And Polish school or amount of work? It’s hard, but I manage to do everything in time and I don’t feel very exhausted.

Today I don’t want to tell you about different problems I have, because I will do it for sure some other day. Today I want to tell you about missing home.


Here, in France, I’ve understood for the first time in my life, that time can fly fast and slow at the same time. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true and I’m not the only person from my friends on exchange who noticed it. How it works? I will explain you. Time flies fast on exchange, because everyday is something new, something excited and you actually live from Monday to Friday. Sounds great, right? But what’s the worst part of it is that when you look back you think that for example a month passed away. But, in fact, it was only a week or two. It sounds strange and it feels strange, but this is the truth. I feel like I’ve been here for half of a year or even longer. And it feels terrible, because I’m not even in the middle of my stay here. And it doesn’t feel good at all.

I experienced so many things, I met so many people and I really could be back home right now. Right now.

And it’s not about feeling bad here. Or feeling lonely. Or so. I just really miss my family, my mom, my friends, my cats and my lovely city. I miss my routine. My food and rules in my home. I miss so many different things and it feels really strange to think that I’ll come back in 2 months. 2 MONTHS. Sounds so bad and so long.


Thank you for reading my thoughts. Probably it’s my most honest post ever. I just want to say that despite feeling homesick, I don’t regret this exchange. There are many positive sides of it and I’m really grateful I decided to do such a brave thing.

Positive side: now I don’t count days till my departure, but till return home <3

Why I’m sharing this with you right now and not at the end of my exchange? Because now I feel that need. To be honest, I’m planning to write a summing-up post also at the end of December when I’ll be finally back in Poland, but I don’t know yet how it will look like :)

Thank you once again.


VEGAN SERIES #10: Types of vegan diets and which one I follow

So, for the last three weeks, when I was changing my host family and then starting daily life in a new one, I had completely no time to write a new post and I was basically eating, sleeping, speaking French and learning for two schools all the time.

Anyway, this is the post about vegan diets, because I got this question on Tumblr and I think that someone had a great idea and this kind of vegan list could help those people who want to become vegan in choosing the best possible type of diet for them :)


  • Raw Till 4

Probably the most popular vegan diet of all times. From my point of view it has too many principles, but generally it consists in eating raw (fruits, veggies) only till 4 p.m. and then eating a cooked dinner. At the beginning of my vegan journey I thought it sounds nice, but then when I started to learn more and more about it, I got to know that it’s completely unnatural and in many people’s cases it causes fear of calories or fats.

More information about it you can find here or on a “Freelee The Banana Girl”‘s Youtube channel (she’s the author of this diet, but it important to admit that she’s not qualified dietician or doctor.

  • Starch Solution

This diet was created by dr. John McDougall an it’s based on starches. Starch Solution is much more economic diet, because potatoes, carrots, pumpkin and also veggies like peas, chickpeas and beans are not very expensive :) Person who wants to follow this diet should also eat 80% of carbs, 10% of protein and 10% fat.

More information about it you can find here.

  • Raw vegan

I think I don’t have to explain this one, you just eat raw foods or these ones heated/dehydrated at very low temperatures.

More information about it you can find here.




For first months of my vegan journey I loved to call myself a “HCLF vegan”, because I it was true. But few weeks ago I decided to not labeling myself and even though I still follow definitely high carb vegan diet, I don’t want to say low fat, because it depends on day. Some days I eat more fats, some less and I hate when other vegans say some mean words to girls who eat more than 10% of fats and they’re calling themselves HCLF vegans. Like seriously, is it really so important to know if you ate 9% or 11% of fats? I think that labeling yourself just make your life worse and it brings people to hating each other and restricting their food even when they want to eat more than one spoon of peanut butter or more than small piece of avocado.

What matters is that you save animals and care for your body and health, rather than think how many percents of fats you ate that or this day :)