My thoughts on love

So this post is the answer for Nina who asked me few questions about love and relationships and that was more than one month ago, but I need to admit that I simply forgot about this comment. I hope that you still read my blog, Nina, and it will be interesting topic  for all of you :)



First of all, I want to say that I think love is something we can’t live without, but I mean by this all kinds of love. Love for your parents, friends, partners but also love for things you do, your hobbies and passions. We are made of pure love and if we feel unloved, then we can’t live to the fullest.



To be honest, I don’t believe in it. I can agree that sometimes magic happens and you know at the beginning of relationship with someone that it will be something strong and deep. But it’s impossible to fall in love at first sight. Love is something much deeper and it’s connected with attachment to that person, acceptance of all of his/her disadvantages and being able to do everything for him/her. At the beginning you experience enchantment, but love comes later.

I can’t imagine meeting someone and few months later married him or have children with that person. LOVE NEEDS TIME. From my point of view, it doesn’t appear in one moment and it also doesn’t disappear suddenly.



Now, get ready for serious confidence-I’ve never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and I don’t feel like I NEED one. I don’t feel unloved. I’ve got my family and my friends. And I’am only 17! There is no rule which says that you must have a boyfriend in some age.

Love is power and it comes when it wants to. So I don’t feel like I should have a partner. I don’t want to force myself to be in relationship, only because society tells me that I should. And I’m also not interested in relationships which last one month or even few weeks.



I think we should learn how to live alone. Being single is not the end of the world, it also has its pros. Never feel bad about being single, you have to like your own company and you can do it only by loving yourself truly. You, Nina, wrote that you can’t feel happy unless you are in relationship and if that’s really true, I think something is wrong. Maybe you don’t accept and love yourself, or you feel unloved by your family and friends. Otherwise, I think you should not have that problem.

Summing up, being in relationship is NOT the key to happiness. You choose to be happy and if you feel bad or lonely when single, that means you are unloved mostly by yourself.




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