VEGAN SERIES #8: Being vegan in Croatia

So here I am again, yesterday I came home from Croatia where I was on holiday with my mum. We were staying near Dubrovnik in the hotel with „all inclusive“ and today I’d like to tell you what I ate here and how looked my vegan diet in Croatia.



First day I remember I ate some oats with dried fruits but I felt awful after it (I discovered that dried plums don’t make me feel good at all :(), so I decided to try something else. And for the rest of our stay there I ate for breakfast lots of bread (like 6-7 slices) with apricot marmalade :) It was delicious combo, but believe me that in the last days of our holiday all I was thinking about was my oatmeal <3


When you first hear „all inclusive“ you think it should be heaven for vegans, but situation in my hotel wasn’t so great, because a lot of veggies like corn, peas and other mixes of vegetables were made with butter. I couldn’t understand that and for me it’s still crazy to add butter to every vegetable. Anyway, I hadn’t any other choice so I was eating plain rice (I found it next to soups) with raw veggies like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and also other ones like beetrots, red beans and ketchup. Yess, it also was pretty good but after few days I got sick of rice and now after coming back home I really don’t crave it at all.


For first few days I was eating exactly the same meals what for lunches but on third or maybe fourth day I found out boiled potatoes in a „secret place“ outside the hotel and I fell in love with them. So I was eating boiled potatoes with beetroots aka my big love also at home.


And that was everything I was eating at the hotel. How I said before, we were staying near Dubrovnik and one day we went there for a trip so we ate dinner in Dubrovnik. They have one vegetarian restaurant there and we found it happily. I ate veggie burger but they gave it to me without bread (really strange). It was delicious, but the size of this meal was so small that after eating it I was craving more food. I found with my mom some supermarket and we bought there six bananas :D


And that was everything I was eating on our holiday in Croatia. It would look different for sure if we didn’t have „all inclusive“, but happily we had it and finding some vegan options (maybe not the most delicious every time) was much easier for me :)



Why I stopped weighing myself?

In previous post I mentioned that I stopped weighing myself few months ago and today I want to tell you something more about it. It can seem strange for some people, but I think that my post can help some of you who try to recover or heal your mental health after an eating disorder.



At the beginning I want to say that in my opinion weighing myself if you’re healthy (I mean not under- or overweight) is pointless. When you aware of your body, you also know looking in the mirror if you put on weight or lose it. Weighing yourself takes time, joy and peace from your life. At some point the scale starts to tell you if you’re too small, too big, good, bad, smart or sexy. And it’s so crazy, because any number can make you some of this. Your soul is important, your attitude to this world and how you treat others. Body is just a home. A place to live. And numbers suck, believe me.


So I stopped weighing myself at the beginning of 2016 after two years of weighing myself almost every single day. Everything has begun few years ago when I was overweight and I started losing weight. I wanted to know each day how much I weigh to know if I can eat more, less etc. That was so stupid and now I can see in how crazy way I was treating my body, but then I thought it was okay and I had that “control” over myself.

When few months ago I decided to recover and I went vegan (I mean my mom finally agreed with me), I knew that I probably will gain weight because the weight I had before was something fake. In fact any number of kilograms you weigh while restricting yourself is not real and it’s not your healthy weight. So coming back to subject, I was aware of future weight gain and I decided to stop weighing myself to not panic and feel insecure of my new weight and look.

At the beginning it was really hard, because when you do something daily, it’s hard to stop it in one day. Fortunately, after few days I stopped weighing myself and I haven’t done it for last few months (probably half of year right now).

How I feel with it? Honestly, amazing :) I can estimate my current weight because I’m aware of my body and I remember how I looked before my big weight loss. I also know that I’m healthy (not under- or overweight), my mind is finally fixed and I love my new body. Of course, I’ve got worse and better days but summing it up, I’m really happy with how I look, feel and who I am right not.


Weight gain

This is the post I wanted to write a long time ago but it was hard for me to actually started it. I just would like to tell you about it in the best possible way, because it’s a really important message for everyone, no matter if you’re healthy, have an eating disorder or you are in recovery.



So you probably can’t be aware of it, if you don’t know me in real life, but for last few months I’ve gained some weight. I’m saying “some” because generally I don’t know how many kilograms exactly. I’ve stopped weighing myself at the beginning of 2016, but this is the story for another post.

I’ve gained that weight because I needed to and I know that there was no other way for me to fully recover and fix my metabolic damage after restricting myself. There are days when I feel better and worse about it, but for sure I can’t say that I’m not aware of necessity of that situation.

To be honest, I was a little bit scared to tell you about it, because I didn’t want you to think that vegan diet made it to me. Because it didn’t. The cause of my weight gain is metabolic damage and the fact that after starting eating normally, I had to put on weight.

So if you think about going vegan, don’t be scared of gaining weight. If you’re healthy (you didn’t have or you don’t have any eating disorder), you won’t gain weight on vegan diet because in fact it’s much healthier than diets based on meat and animal products.

Anyway, I’ve gained some weight and now I want to tell you how I managed to deal with it and understand that weight is not the most important thing in life.


We live in a society that tells us that weight gain is something bad and losing it is the thing you should probably want to do. And honestly, I hate it. I’m so angry when people praise others for losing weight and at the same time they ignore the fact that someone else is for example not able to do it. I’m not saying that praising others for losing weight is completely bad, I understand that it costs a lot (I lost 13 kgs in the past so I know what I’m talking about), but I’m just angry when I see that all about people care is weight, appearance and the number on scale.

When someone is skinny, it doesn’t mean he’s healthy. And vice versa, when someone is overweight it doesn’t mean he’s unhealthy (but in most cases he probably is). What I want  to say is that we shouldn’t be so concerned about numbers, our weight and comparing ourselves to others. Our bodies are unique. We are all unique and we all look different. And believe me that how you look doesn’t say anything about you. And if some people judge you basing on your appearance then it means they’re not worth your attention.

What matters in life is your soul. Being kind, open, tolerant, positive and spreading love everywhere. Your body is just a home for your soul. Care for it, but remember that at the end of the day what matters is how you were treating others, yourself and what impact you made on this planet.


And the last thing I want to tell you about is just how to accept the fact that you’ve gained weight. First of all, you have to throw away the scale. Believe me, numbers won’t save your life and it’s pointless to spend it on checking how much you weigh.

Then you need to understand that your body has changed and your old clothes won’t probably fit you now. But it’s not the end of the world. You are still alive, you can buy new clothes and look better in them.

Another very important tip is just to stop comparing yourself to others. You are unique. Your body is unique and what is crucial is to love it and accept it. Understand that you need to be healthy to live your life to the fullest. Fall in love with yourself, with your new body and show people around that you love it the way it is :)


My thoughts on love

So this post is the answer for Nina who asked me few questions about love and relationships and that was more than one month ago, but I need to admit that I simply forgot about this comment. I hope that you still read my blog, Nina, and it will be interesting topic  for all of you :)



First of all, I want to say that I think love is something we can’t live without, but I mean by this all kinds of love. Love for your parents, friends, partners but also love for things you do, your hobbies and passions. We are made of pure love and if we feel unloved, then we can’t live to the fullest.



To be honest, I don’t believe in it. I can agree that sometimes magic happens and you know at the beginning of relationship with someone that it will be something strong and deep. But it’s impossible to fall in love at first sight. Love is something much deeper and it’s connected with attachment to that person, acceptance of all of his/her disadvantages and being able to do everything for him/her. At the beginning you experience enchantment, but love comes later.

I can’t imagine meeting someone and few months later married him or have children with that person. LOVE NEEDS TIME. From my point of view, it doesn’t appear in one moment and it also doesn’t disappear suddenly.



Now, get ready for serious confidence-I’ve never had a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and I don’t feel like I NEED one. I don’t feel unloved. I’ve got my family and my friends. And I’am only 17! There is no rule which says that you must have a boyfriend in some age.

Love is power and it comes when it wants to. So I don’t feel like I should have a partner. I don’t want to force myself to be in relationship, only because society tells me that I should. And I’m also not interested in relationships which last one month or even few weeks.



I think we should learn how to live alone. Being single is not the end of the world, it also has its pros. Never feel bad about being single, you have to like your own company and you can do it only by loving yourself truly. You, Nina, wrote that you can’t feel happy unless you are in relationship and if that’s really true, I think something is wrong. Maybe you don’t accept and love yourself, or you feel unloved by your family and friends. Otherwise, I think you should not have that problem.

Summing up, being in relationship is NOT the key to happiness. You choose to be happy and if you feel bad or lonely when single, that means you are unloved mostly by yourself.



How to make vegan HCLF pancakes with chocolate sauce :)

Today I made for myself these vegan delicious pancakes. I haven’t had them in few months and I really missed this taste. But today I finally decided to make them, I did it and when I posted the photo of them on my IG, a lot of you guys, asked me how I made them.

So I think that this recipe would be useful for you and you will also prepare these vegan goodies <3


You will need:

1,5 cup of oats

1 cup of plant-based mylk

1 banana

1 teaspoon of baking soda

2 teaspoons of brown sugar (optionally)

few tablespoons of flour


  1. Put your oats in blender and blend it to make oat flour.
  2. Add mylk, baking soda, sugar and banana and blend again.
  3. Then add as much flour as you want (the consistency of the batter should be quite thick)
  4. Pour the batter into pan (2-3 tablespoons for each pancake) and wait for bubbles to appear, then turn over and cook the other side.
  5. Add any other ingredients you like (I added one banana, blueberries and chocolate sauce)


For chocolate sauce:

2-3 tablespoons of agave syrup (generally you can use any other syrup like maple, rice or date but I like agave for its neutral taste)

2  teaspoons of cacao powder

small splash of plant-based mylk


  1. Mix all together and add more cacao or mylk to achieve desired consistency :)


Let me know if you try these pancakes and tell me how they taste for you :)



5 tips to stay healthy

Today’s post is very simple, but I just want to share with you my thoughts about being healthy in daily life. I think these 5 tips are the key to stay healthy or lose weight if that’s your goal. In general when you follow them, you are happy and healthy, and to be honest-who wouldn’t like to feel like that? :)

So let’s start with my recommendations for everybody.


Get enough sleep

Enough means at least 7-8 hours per day. You have no idea how important sleeping is. Night is the time for your body to get that energy back, to digest all the food you ate during the day, to help your organs in better work. Don’t take this time from your body.

And what’s interesting: when you don’t sleep enough, you need more energy through the day, so you’re more hungry (calories=energy)!

Eat right foods.

I don’t want here to convince you no matter what to becoming vegan but I think that plant-based diet is the key to stay healthy, feel great and energized. Of course, the most important thing here is to just not restricting yourself, eating enough (but not more than you feel to eat). Just listen to your body and stay balanced.

Stay hydrated.

Probably you’ve heard it thousand times but believe me that it makes a huge difference. In the past I used to drink only 1l of water per day and much more tea (like 2-3l). Some time ago I got to know that tea is very dehydrating and when you drink one cup of tea you should drink also one cup of water. I have to say that tea in general stopped taste for me good (I only like the regular black one from dilmah) so I drink it only for my breakfast (one cup, because I like warm drink after my oatmeal). But coming back to subject-to be hydrated you need to drink AT LEAST 2l of water per day and even more when you add salt to your meals.

Move your body

I don’t want to tell you to do workouts like mine or go to the gym or run 10 miles. The whole point of moving your body is just not to sit in one place all day long. Your body can do amazing things so you should use it. Find the activity which will give you power, happiness and big smile on your face. If you don’t know it yet, try everything. Swimming, running, riding your bike, yoga, water sports or just walks with your dog or friend. Find what makes you happy and do it a lot (at least 3 times per week).

Think positive.

The last one and probably the most important. You can follow all my previous tips and still be unhealthy and unhappy. Why? Because health is not only about your body and look, but mainly your mind and your attitude to this world. Love yourself, spread kindness around you and don’t forget that everybody has ups and downs. We’re only humans and life is not about perfection. It’s about balance and love.


And that’s all, these tips I follow myself, and for me they work perfectly :) I’ve got so many ideas for new posts (at the moment they are all connected with being healthy, body positivity etc.) and I hope you will like them! Stay tuned :)


Do what YOU enjoy

Yesterday I’ve got a very important message which inspired me to write this post. I even started to think why I didn’t tell you about it earlier. For me this is kinda obvious but after reading this message I understood that for many of you it can be not so clear and simple.



In social media I see so many vegans who inspire me and very often I prepare some meals based on their recipes. But I never do or eat exactly the same what they do. Why? Because I live my own life, I do what I enjoy and eat what makes me happy. You will never look or live exactly the same life what your favourite person in social media because everyone is different.

Other people are around you to be inspirations but not goals. You should be your goal. You should admire your body, your hair, your eyes and YOUR SOUL.

So please, don’t follow someone’s diet because you like his body. Don’t do things which don’t make you happy because you want your friends to like you more. Don’t pretend to be someone else and just start loving YOURSELF :)

The whole point of this post is to tell you that things which I recommend work best for me but I don’t guarantee that they will work for you. What is the most important thing is your health (both mental and physical) and you should know (or try to figure out) what works best for you. Be yourself because you’re unique and following your whole life others is pointless and it takes your life and time you have on Earth from you.