What I eat in a day #1

So here it is-my first post where I share with you all meals I eat in that day :) I hope you will like this and maybe in future I will make other posts like this one. Enjoy reading!


For breakfast I ate banana oatmeal (as usual) with 2 big squares of dark chocolate, strawberries and shredded coconut.


LUNCH (14.30)

Before lunch I hit on the idea to write this post so I decided to show you exactly how I made my lunch step by step.

I peeled potatoes, washed them and cut into fries size.


Then I boiled them for 7-8 minutes and let them cool down.


I put on the oven for 220 degrees and when it heated up I put the potatoes into it (I baked them for 12 minutes, then stir and I left them for next 8-10 minutes to make them crispy)

I washed chickpeas and separated them into two parts (one of them I used to make hummus-I just blended chickpeas with splash of water).


The second part of chickpeas I mixed with spices (Provence herbes, pepper and hot paprika) and I baked them with fries for 15 minutes.

I also prepared the salad with small romaine lettuce, capsicum, carrot, tomato, sweet corn and cucumber.



When potatoes were baked and crispy I put everything into one big bowl and that was the final product:


SNACK (17.00) 

16 fresh dates aka my biggest love!



DINNER (18.00)

1/4 half of a huge watermelon-my favourite fruit in the entire world <3



I also drank 2l of water during all day :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and this subject, means food, interests you as much as me :D



My 10 top vegan people on social media :) #1

To be honest, today despite my morning enthusiasm I didn’t know about what exactly I should write so I decided to make something very enjoyable-list of my 10 top people on social media. The order is not accidental so at the beginning you can see which accounts I like the most :) In brackets I gave you the social media of these beauties which I follow.

  1. Bonny Rebecca (YouTube, Instagram, tumblr)


This beautiful human being is so inspiring and I love watching her videos on YouTube where she shares her daily life, struggles and moments of happiness. It’s nice to see when people don’t pretend to be perfect and they’re just themselves :)

2. Dates with love (YouTube, Instagram, tumblr)


Jess is the queen and honestly if she didn’t slowly disappear from YouTube few weeks ago, I would tell she’s my number one because I remember like few months ago I was obsessed with her daily vlogs and I waited for them every single day <3 She was also my inspiration in the worst time of my recovery and thanks to her I stopped caring about calories and amount of food I was eating then. Now Jess is coming back and I can’t wait till her channel to run again :)

3. VegBethany (YouTube, Instagram, tumbr)


She was the person with who I had the strongest connection online via dm few months ago and she helped me a lot in understanding what is life about. Her knowledge, kindness and beautiful soul shocks me even now because sometimes it’s hard to believe that there are still people like Beth on this planet <3

4. Steph Yu (YouTube, Instagram and her blog)


My inspiration to start 365 days of gratitude challenge. Wise, open, very positive and brave person who shows that everything is possible if you only want and you try to achieve this :) At the beginning of following her channel on YouTube I wasn’t her big fan but then Steph stole my heart and now I love her vlogs and soul of real traveler.

5. Tess Begg (YouTube, Instagram, tumblr)


Natural, sincere, open girl who shows that gym is for everyone and women can also sculpt their bodies by using weights. She is my inspiration to workout daily and not be scared of muscles and bigger body parts. I also love her love for food and recipes she shares.


At the beginning I wanted to write about my all 10 favourite social media people but then I decided to separate it for two parts and who knows, maybe I will add even more than 10 accounts to my list? ;) I hope you like this post and you will find some inspiration in these beautiful girls.


Rest day

Being fit and healthy is important and it feels great to be an active person. But there is a thin boundary between health and obsession.

Most people workout daily and they like it but I think we often forget that our organisms also need to rest. We can’t force our bodies to workout daily because they simple are not able to do this in long term. At the beginning you probably will feel amazing, but then, very fast, your body will shout and please you to stop torment it.

Sometimes, when you really like your workout routine, when you love moving your body and sport in general, it can be hard to have a day off and just chill. I also have this problem sometimes but when I feel this willingness to do my workout when I’m supposed to have a rest day, I ignore these thoughts and just do something else. Remember, even when during your fixed day off you want to move, you should not follow your thoughts and focus on something else. Believe me, your body really needs to relax, even if your mind says some different things.


Rest day is an amazing opportunity to do more :) You can do something for your body, but also spend time on little stupid things like watching your favourite series or hang out with your friends. I always find days off like perfect occasions to focus on studying and school works ’cause on my “workout days” I usually have less time for school :D

I hope this post helped those of you who feel guilty or uncomfortable during your days off. Just do not forget that you’re only human and your body needs some breaks to do more in general. Calm down and stay positive :)



VEGAN SERIES #7: Veganism and energy levels

How veganism can change your attitude to sport? Actually, it can a lot. Since I went vegan my energy levels are so high and I want to move all the time even when I didn’t get enough sleep at night or I had a lot of to do during the day. How is that possible? I think this one answer is the key-CARBS :)

When you follow a vegan diet, you eat much more carbs and how everybody knows (even people who are on low-carb diets) this is the main source of energy in human’s life. So if you feel ponderous and your energy levels are extremaly low then you need to CARB UP!

I don’t want this post to be only about carbs because I’m gonna prepare something different about them. I just want to show you that vegan diet can increase your energy levels and your effectiveness during the workout you do.


If you don’t believe me, go vegan for 2 weeks (but follow the highcarb lowfat diet) and tell me how you feel. I’m not saying this diet is the best thing for everyone but for sure it’s worth trying it :)

The key to be happy and feel energized are not only carbs but also a great number of calories in your diet. I think the absolute minimum is 2000 calories and if you eat under that number YOU STARVE YOUR BODY. And being honest, you can’t live your life to the fullest on an empty stomach. So go, carb up today and stay tuned for next posts :)

P.S. I’m sorry that this one is so short but unfotunately I don’t have a lot of time and I hurry to do my workout before going to the countryside :)

Food cravings

Life is so short. The current moment is fleeting. You don’t know exactly when and how you’ll die. So if you have a willingness to eat this cookie/chocolate/second helping, go and eat it!! You shouldn’t restrict your calories or care about fats/carbs/proteins when you crave something.

Today my period cravings were so strong and despite the fact I ate quite a fatty lunch in restaurant and fruits for dinner, I decided to make myself some chocolate cookies. And I did it. Why I don’t care if they were fattening (“were” because I ate them all :D)? Because that was my craving, I satisfied it and now I’m happy :)

Of course I’m not saying that eating all the time unhealthy food and explain yourself while eating one chocolate every single day is good. You need to find balance (I wrote about it few post earlier). Finding balance means treating yourself! And never ever feel guilty about satisfying your cravings :)


Situation is different when you have a problem with eating too much food in one time without any control. That can be an eating disorder and you can’t disregard it. If you need help, find it. Tell about your problem someone who you trust. You all can also write to me on Instagram (direct message).

Stay tuned for next posts (I’m planning some new series about food like all about carbs, fats etc. :)) and don’t forget to TREAT YO SELF today!