Change is the stable element of life. We change all the time. Things change all the time. And some changes you take with big smile, some with tears in your eyes. I think this post will be quite private because it’s gonna relate to situations in my life. Death, loss of friends, new school, new people.

I’ve wondered about this topic for last few weeks and sometimes I worry that I’ll never accept this in 100%. And I think it’s something impossible, to understand everything at once. Some things need time and somewhere I know that worrying about it definitely won’t help me.


At the beginning I want to share with you my thoughts about death. When I came to my spiritual way I understood that somehow it’s completely normal that people are gone. We can’t change it, it’s simple nature and the only thing we can do is to spend as much time as we can with other people we love.

Loss of friends is also something completely normal. I know what I say ’cause I lost many friends in my life and I think somehow I know it has to be like that. You have to lose something to get other thing.

New school, new people in my life-these are definitely good changes in my life since September. I got to know so many new things about life, others beliefs, I even changed mine (another change btw). So I think it was all necessary. It is necessary. And you can’t stop these changes.

At the end I want to tell you that I really love changes and when my routine is boring, I get bored. But for some people changes can be hard and that was the reason why I write about it. I also struggle sometimes with accepting some changes so if you only want to talk about this (or anything else), write to me on dm on IG :)


VEGAN SERIES #6: Ethical side

The idea for this post came to me in one single second but I’m a little bit shocked now that I didn’t write about it before. Today I want to tell my point of view on ethics and why I think that “loving animals” and still eating meat is being hypocrite.

At the beginning I want to tell you I love animals with all my heart but I’m not the biggest animal lover you can meet ’cause I’m simply afraid of many animals like dogs (please don’t judge me :P), spiders, horses and many other insects. However, despite my fear I still fight for animals rights. Why? Because I believe that every being on this planet have a right to live. 

And that’s why I can’t understand people who say and who actually really love animals and at the same time eat animal products and what’s sometimes even worse-they’re proud of it. Of course I understand when people don’t have any good source of information or no one has told them before about the truth behind animal agriculture. But I also met people in my life who know the truth and still eat meat and it really makes me sad.


I know for most people going vegan seems like something crazy and hard to do but believe me-when you make a connection, you understand that it’s the only way to live your life in peace with nature and it’s so simply to prepare your meals (and they’re like 100% more tasty than these ones based on animal products).

Don’t be scared of being the change, someone has to be first and if you only don’t agree with what happens every single minute in slaughterhouses all over the world, change your life and GO VEGAN! Show your friends and family that you don’t have to put a lot of effort to live a life in peace with your beliefs and thoughts.

Don’t destroy our planet, don’t support something what you don’t like, what you’re angry at. It’s so easy to live without making any harm. There is no other way, just go vegan :)

The balance

When I see people especially in the social media (but also in real life) I can’t believe how obsessive thoughts can still control people’s lifes. I also have been struggling with it but now the balance rules my life-not perfection.

The key to happiness is to understand that life is not about perfection and some things have to go not in the way you’d like them to go. But it’s completely normal. You can’t control everything or anyone in your life.

At the beginning it’s hard to accept the fact that you don’t have control over anything but with time it starts to be pleasant to not follow your obsessive thoughts and start doing what you enjoy. For example you eat what to you want and you don’t think if it’s fattening or not. You work out when you want and not everyday because you want to maintain your current weight.

Balance is about not trying to be always the best. Perfection won’t help. If you want to be happy, you have to follow your organism-it’s smarter than you :)


Sometimes your obsessive thoughts are so loud that you don’t hear and see the signs of your body but remember that it’s never to late to be happy and live your life to the fullest. Find balance, calm down and listen closely to your soul. It speaks to you, I’m sure about it :)

At the end I want to say that everybody has ups and downs in his life but the key is to not worry about bad moments and to start appreciating and being grateful for these good ones.


Changing your previous plans

For last few years I was pretty sure that in the future I’ll become a lawyer and I’ll help people by handling their cases. But I didn’t know that I was wrong all that time.

I always liked subjects connected with nutrition (and I still do) but I think that I just couldn’t see it in the past as a way to earning money and I didn’t want to believe that something what makes me happy could be my full-time job. Now, my point of view is much different than before and I’m 100% sure that my future will be connected with nutrition and of course helping people.


Most people think that you should work to earn lots of money, be rich and not worry about your family’s life. Of course financial safety is important but there are many other things much more meaningful in life than just earn money and be bounded by it.

You have only one single life on this planet and you really want to spend in on earning money by doing things which don’t make you happy? If your answer is ‘yes’ I have to say that it’s really sad vision of your future.

I don’t want to say in this post that you shouldn’t work at all and just go with the flow. I’d like to show you that your passion can be your way to earn money easily. Maybe it would be smaller amount of money but it’s still money and you don’t suffer while doing unpleasant job.

My example: I’ve changed my previous plans completely. I wanted to be a lawyer because I thought it’s my passion and it’s gonna be an easy way to be rich and have lots of money. What I think now? I’m gonna be health coach, I’ll educate myself in nutrition, I’m gonna help people who struggle with the same things I was struggling with for a few years. I’ll cure people from illnesses by changing their diets, amount of activity and way of thinking. And what’s the most important: I’m gonna spread the vegan message all over the world and show people that this lifestyle can change everything in your life and make you happy :))



I always repeat that the connection between you and the Earth is such an important thing but I think that most people haven’t ever experienced real closeness to the nature. My current stay in the countryside inspired me to write this post because I think it’s sad how people are addicted to the Internet and scrolling through social media.

I don’t say that I don’t like it but I think that finding the balance is something really important and sometimes we forget about this and at the same time we expose ourselves to isolation and addiction to sitting in front of computer or smartphone screen. Sometimes we forget about other ways of entertainment than just the Internet and social media. I’m glad that now I’m in the countryside and I finally have an opportunity to find this connection with the Earth as one of human beings :)


The most amazing thing which I’m still experiencing during my stay in the country is silence and voices of nature. It’s amazing how loud and beautiful are voices of birds or even trees and leaves when you are far away of cars and big cities.

I don’t want to say that living in big city or scrolling through Instagram is something bad, I just want to show you that living without wi-fi is something possible and from my point of view is desired looking at peoples‘ behaviours in our times.

I hope y’all some day will experience such a closeness to the nature as me now :)