Bad days

We are all humans and we all have some bad days in our life. That’s completely normal, I get it but sometimes it really sucks when you can’t control your own mind and you’re angry/sad most of the time. Today I want to tell how you can deal with bad emotions and that it’s normal to feel sad sometimes.

At the beginning I have to say that in the past I used to have a lot of bad days but I’ve changed a lot and now I try to always think positive even when I’ve got really bad day. So I was quite shocked when I had a bad day yesterday and today I’ve got it as well. I know that it happens but for me, after few weeks of pure happiness, bad mood is something strange and really surprising for me.


First of all, when you have bad mood, and it happens like once in a month, it’s normal. It’s completely ok to have a bad day, no willingness to talk or even to go out of your room. Honestly, that’s soo fine, like I’m 100% sure that everybody had a day like that in his life.

But what’s important is to find ways to cope with these bad emotions, to not waste your life on being angry or sad. When you have bad day at the beginning you have to take care of yourself (you should do it daily) and do something to feel more comfortable and positive. Start with small things like bath, book or movie. You can also do some yoga, meditate or paint your nails if you don’t like this kind of activities :)

One of the most powerful ways for me is simple talk. I always choose my friends or my mom and I just tell them about all bad things which are going now in my life at the moment. Don’t hesitate to talk with your friends because they’re all here for your and if  they aren’t, they’re not your real friends.

I think we all need bad days in our life to appreciate these good ones :)

I hope you like this post! Stay tuned for another one in next few days xx


Okay, I was thinking about writing this post for a long time and finally I decided to share with you my thoughts on this topic and what’s more important-tell you about my experience with yoga.

First of all I have to say that yoga helped me so much in the worst moment of my life and its influence over mind is amazing. At the beginning I want to tell you about benefits of yoga in general:

  1. It reduces stress and helps in coping with all bad emotions and also helps you focus.
  2. Yoga improves your flexibity and balance.
  3. Yoga is also helpful with sleep problems.
  4. When you practice yoga daily you have also more energy.
  5. It also tones a body and what’s interesting yoga helps in losing weight people who need it.
  6. It boosts your immune system functionality.
  7. When you feel pain in your back yoga is the key!

Of course, you can experience many many more benefits while practicing yoga but I don’t want to focus only on it in this post.


I want to talk a little longer about goals of yoga. I follow many yogis on Instagram and Tumblr as well and they’re mostly very aware of practicing yoga but I also saw in my life accounts of people whose main reason is to reach some poses and that’s all. I’m against that because I think that yoga is much more. Yoga is a connection between your body and your mind. It’s something incredible which can help you improve self-love :)

Yoga is also a blessing if it goes about stress, anxiety and bad emotions. It reduces stress so quickly and it’s a great solution when you struggle with period loss or any other bad situations in your life.

My best tip to start practicing yoga? Begin with some yogis from YouTube (I recommend the most YogaWithAdriene) and after few weeks of exercising with them (it could be boring-for me it was) start to create your own daily yoga routine which will include your favourite poses :))

I practice yoga everyday for 10-15 mins and it all depends on amount of time I have that day :) But how I always say-you have to find what works the best for you and then do it a lot! So if you prefer to do yoga in the morning, do it! If you prefer longer sessions, do it!

Just find what works the best for you and start your adventure with yoga today :)

P.S. You won’t regret this decision-believe me :)

Being yourself

Today I want to talk about something very important but still neglected by most people. Being yourself seems to be easy but it’s really not. It’s not easy because of society who tells us that we should behave in one way, do the same things, laugh at the same jokes and generally don’t stand out from the crowd.

But being yourself doesn’t mean only trying to be as original as it’s possible. No, being yourself means being in peace with yourself. Do what you feel is good. Enjoy things you like. Spend time with people who make you smile. Don’t waste time on things you don’t enjoy. This is being yourself.


Being yourself doesn’t mean trying to be someone else. It doesn’t mean trying to look like someone else only to fit into a new group. When you are not yourself and you don’t live in peace with your mind it means that you don’t respect yourself. And I think that not respecting yourself is the worst thing ever because what is the sense of life when you live in war with yourself?

Don’t be afraid of doing things you enjoy. It could sound strange but people don’t really care about what you do or what you wear. This world is creating in such a funny way that everybody pays more attention at himself than anyone else. So don’t be scared, be yourself, be weirdo, be different-it won’t kill you :))

And what’s the most important thing I noticed in my life? When you start to be 100% yourself, you’re at the same time the best version of yourself and you feel the best with it. When you fake, you’ll never be happy because people feel when you’re not honest with them and you also feel bad about pretending to be someone else.

I wish you all luck in being yourself and stay tuned for next post xx

VEGAN SERIES #5: Animal testing

Some time ago Rosalie asked me for write a post about animal testing. I decided to do it but I needed more time to do some research and read more about this subject. But finally here it is-my post on animal testing :)


First of all I want to say something what can be quite controversial but I need to correct it. I call myself vegan but the fact is that I use products tested on animals and I wear leather clothes (only these ones which I bought before becoming vegan). And now I want to say why I do it. I’ve put a lot of effort in convincing my mom to let me follow the plant-based diet and I know that sometimes it costs her a lot (she buys me fruits which I like the most like for example dates-and everybody knows that they’re not the cheapest fruits on the Earth). So during one of the talks with my mom we set some rules and my mom decided to not buy me vegan clothes and products. I accepted it because I know how much she sacrificed to agree with my point of view and letting me to become vegan so I don’t want to dwell upon this subject.

Why I call myself vegan? Because I know for sure that in the future I won’t use products tested on animals and clothes made from them. And I think I do as much as I can at the moment. Becoming vegan was my biggest dream since last year and maybe you would not like the fact that I do what I do but I think it’s my business.

Why I spread the message about cons of animal testing? Because I think everybody should know about it. I know and I will do something about it as soon as possible. Now unfortunately I can’t do more. I hope you understand my situation.

So let’s come into the subject :) At the beginning I’m gonna show you some facts about animal testing (some photos will be there too) and at the end I’d like to give you my opinion on this subject despite the fact that I’m still quite ‘forced’ to use non-vegan products.



  1. Most (95%!) of the drugs tested on animals fail in human trials-so that’s the proof of animals uselessness if it goes about testing some products.
  2. 75% of animals get side effect’s from the drugs they are given/tested on.
  3. 12 million animals are used by EU researchers every year-that’s 137 animals suffering in cruel and painful experiments every 10 minutes.
  4. Animal testing is much more expensive than non-animal testing (and we have to remember that in fact most of all these drugs tested on animals aren’t introduced to the world because it could not be safe for people).
  5. There are other methods which we can use to test our products without harming animals (ex. in vitro testing, testing tiny amounts of drugs on human volunteers and also computer simulations).
  6. Products which are tested on animals: diapers, pet food, contact lenses, razors and many many more.



From my point of view animal testing is completely needless and I can’t understand why human invented something like this and felt good about it. I don’t understand it. I don’t understand how people treat animals and what’s the worst they don’t want to change it. People who do it know what’s going on, they just don’t want to stop it because it would mean less profits for them.

I share all these information with you because I know that there are people who have no idea what’s going on and they don’t have no one to tell them about it. I know that because I was this person one year ago. I had no idea about this cruelty and animals suffer. But I decided to not be uninformed and I wanted to get to know what happens to animals not only in slaughterhouses but also in laboratories. Now, when I know how their situation looks like I want to share my knowledge with you guys and change the world.


I hope you got to know some new facts for you about animal testing and you will start to think about it and if it’s really worth the cost which is animals suffer. All information about this subject I found on the Internet and I chose the most important one from my point of view to share it with you.

Thank you for reading this :) I’d be very happy if you let me know in comments below what you think about my blog in general, what I can change and about which stuffs you’d like to read.

Stay tuned for next post xx

P.S. If you want to learn more about animal testing watch this movie-“Earthlings” :)

My road from negative to positive person

Being positive it’s something what I’ve learnt after many years of complaining about everything and being angry for every single thing which didn’t go my way. Honestly, I was exhausted by this anger inside me and I always wanted to be more positive but I couldn’t do it.

Everything has changed few months ago when I discovered my new passion-veganism and I started to understand what is self-love and how to see positive sides of life. Exactly 19 days ago I also started new challenge and everyday it forces me to find things in life for which I’m grateful.


I think that being positive starts when you love yourself, you have passion and you have some dreams and plans for future. It’s also necessary to feel connection between you and Mother Earth. When you feel like a part of nature (we all humans are animals, don’t we?) you start to be grateful for such a mundane things like sunrise, rain or sunshine.

Now, I wake up every morning and I have energy to live life to the fullest, to do things which make me happy, to talk with amazing people and to learn new things.

I’m positive person but I’m still realist and I think it’s not gonna change because I’m one of this person who has both feet on the ground. But what’s the most important is the fact that few months ago I was closer to be a pessimist (and honestly most of time I was) and now I’m such close to be 100% optimist and I don’t let anymore bad thoughts to stay in my mind.

Road from negative to positive mind takes time but it’s really worth the effort and I really recommend you to start working on it now :) Begin with small things like for example:

  1. Smile to yourself in the mirror and say some kind word (it doesn’t have to be connected with your body but it can be something about your skills or knowledge)
  2. Join the “365 days of gratitude” challenge or just find every day before the sleep 3 things for which you grateful this day
  3. Do more things which make you happy (don’t waste time on things which make you feel terrible)
  4. Discover the power of yoga, meditation and your mind in general
  5. Start to love yourself or at least accept everything in your body and in your mind (become a friend to yourself)


Your mind is very powerful and you can’t forget about it ’cause it’s how it all begins-with your mind and positive thoughts. When you start to think positive you start to see and feel positive vibes inside you and outside as well.

Be this positive person among the people and enthuse them to find their own power! :)

Thank you for reading this :) Stay tuned for next post aka everything about animal testing xx

VEGAN SERIES #4:Benefits of vegan diet


Finally the post which I wanted to write long time ago. And I also think it’s something what can be the most interesting for people on non-vegan diet. Benefits which I see. So let’s go with it! :)


1. Much better digestion.

I think it’s one of the most exciting things about plant-based diet because you can eat much more and your digest system is sooo good. Honestly. Just don’t expect any results after few weeks on vegan diet because generally at the beginning you’re gonna go through detox and your digestion could be a little bit worse because of large quantity of fiber you’d probably eat. So be patient, wait and you will see amazing results, believe me! :)

2. Clear mind and mindfulness 

After becoming vegan I noticed such a high level of focus and my thoughts are so clear now. I’m much more positive, full oh hope and even when I’m angry my thoughts are so clear that I can see my anger much faster and very often I nip bad/mean words which I want to say in the bud.

3. Getting back of my period

I’m not 100% sure if it’s the benefit of vegan diet but I believe it is. When I only started to eating less meat and dairy products my period came back after a very long time of not-having it. Animal products contain a lot of hormones and very often people have problem with them because of the diet they follow.

4. Lack of allergy 

For me it’s like the most important thing ever. Since primary school I’ve had an allergy to grass and pollen of birch and many other trees every year (from February to October). During allergy season I’ve had to take a small white pill every single day because of hay fever and bad mood. And this year (after 7 months of vegetarian diet and more than one month of 100% vegan diet) I don’t see any signs of my allergy. Nothing. At all.


These are main benefits which I see now but I also can’t forget about high level of energy I have now and generally how I said before better mood.

I’ve heard once that when we eat animals we eat also their fear and all these bad emotions which they have during the time in slaughterhouse. And then when you start vegan diet you’re free of all these bad emotions, you’re not scared, unsure or what even worse aggressive.

I hope you like this post and I promise you than in next week or even maybe tomorrow (that’s gonna depend on my free time) I will write something about animal testing :)

Stay tuned xx


What is life about?

In this post I want to share with y’all something very important about diets and fit lifestyle. That was the truth which I needed when I was stuck in restricting food. It will make faster your road to full recovery, I promise.

It’s simple, easy but it took me long to understand it with all my mind. Generally it’s just a question. Maybe at first you won’t understand it but please, give yourself time and try to answer this question.

Can you imagine yourself in 10 years still dieting/restricting your calories/not eating certain foods and what’s more important: do you think you will be happy?

It’s really easy, you probably know the answer now but you don’t want to fully understand it. Because it scares you that you will lose control. And that’s so wrong way of thinking. Life is not about control. It’s about using this one chance which you have. THE ONLY ONE. The chance to live happy life, to make all your dreams come true, to talk with interesting people, to understand who you are, what you want to do with your life, to find connection with Mother Earth.


Life doesn’t mean diet. Generally I’m angry when I hear a word “diet” because I know that people automatically think about restricting food in some way, not “diet” like way of eating (because honestly this is the real meaning of this word).

You can lose weight by eating plenty of wholesome foods, be happy, full and still feel satisfied. Just follow plant-based diet, exercise regularly, smile a lot, laugh a lot and don’t be so obsessed with how you look.

You have only one life and do you really want to spend it by caring only about your body, weight and food?

Please, take care of yourself and don’t forget what is life about :)