“Ishmael”-book recommendation

So here it is-my first book recommendation on this blog. For today I prepared a very special one which I read just few weeks ago. This book changed my way of thinking and what’s funny it was connected with veganism and ethical reasons to stop eating animal products.


At the beginning few basic facts :) “Ishmael” is a novel by Daniel Quinn written in 1992. This book tells the story about man who generally speaking meets a monkey and they start talking about human’s place on the Earth. It sounds quite strange, ridiculous and funny at the same time but I promise you it’s really not childish book and it’s worth reading it.

I found this book for the first time on Instagram (I don’t remember now the name of person who posted the picture of the cover of this book) and I really got interested in this novel and history which it tells.


In my opinion the biggest advantage of “Ishmael” is the fact that this book says the truth. No matter what you believe in and what you think about eating meat, environment and what humans did and are still doing with the Mother Earth this book is simple so true. After reading this you automatically start to think about what we do every day with other species and how we treat environment.

I would give it without doubt 10/10 :))

I don’t want to make any spoiler so I just recommend this novel and invite you to read this as soon as it’s possible :)

VEGAN SERIES #2: Reasons to go vegan (part 1)

Okay, so today I’d like to present you the most important (in my opinion) reasons to start a vegan diet. I’m gonna tell about them in a certain order based on what is the most important for me and what was the main reason of my considerations about veganism :) It’s only first part of all reasons which are important for me so stay tuned for rest of them.



At the beginning I have to say that I was eating meat for almost 16 years and all this time (till I started thinking about veganism) I thought that all these things which are going in slaughterhouses aren’t so bad and in some way it’s normal that we (read: humans) use animals as our food, clothes etc. But then I found Gary Yourofsky’s speech and I totally changed my mind.

Before watching this video I saw few times recordings from slaughterhouses and generally (no matter how it sounds) beheading animals isn’t so bad for me as treatment of animals in slaughterhouses. I couldn’t believe that people who are executioners for animals can treat these poor creatures this way, like they’re punch bags or dolls to play with.

From my point of view, listening about this horror doesn’t create the desired effect but watching the videos and seeing pain in animals eyes does.

What’s funny is that humans stole practically everything from animals. Their environment, their peace, food, lands. When I’m writing this post I think about how terrible is that. I think that we forgot about one very important thing: we are also ONLY species. I know, I know, many people think that we are better than other species because we think, feel and generally we are more smart. But do we? I’m not saying it’s not true but it sounds quite ridiculous saying that one species is more powerful that the other one. We are ALL nature. And giving one species airs sounds for me pretty similar to what was happening in the 20th century in Europe…

I won’t tire you anymore by my point of view and thoughts so I just leave you here some links with interesting websites about ethics, veganism etc. ;)

Gary Yourofsky’s speech

Earthlings (documental movie about animals treatment)

Why honey isn’t vegan (few facts about honey production)

I didn’t mention anything about male chicks treatment but if you only want to get to know how it really looks like here is the video about it—>click



It’s quite interesting area because how all my friends know I’m interested in nutrition and health so health reason was very dear to me. In past I lost almost 15 kgs and I had been struggling with calories restriction and some bad things connected with food and rational eating. I was hurting my body for a long time so when I have heard about veganism and its beneficial influence over health for the first time I was pretty sure that this lifestyle could help me. And now, after few months I have to say that I wasn’t wrong at all.

If it goes about health reasons and benefits of vegan diet, I don’t want to write a lot. I’m not doctor or dietician (yet :P) so I wouldn’t like to mislead you in some way. I just want to recommend you the best books about nutrition (and veganism at the same time) I’ve read in my life:

“The China Study” (first book about veganism I’ve read, amazing one, easy to read and packed with interesting and useful information)

“The complete idiot’s guide to plant-based nutrition” (much shorter one but still very interesting and gives you more information about plant-based diet in daly life)

“Healing with whole foods: Asian traditions and modern nutrition” (how you can see on my blog in the right side I’m half way there but I can recommend you this right now-the one important fact about this book is that it’s really ‘hard’ and long book and it can be difficult to read for someone who isn’t interested in nutrition and health)

And once again I didn’t mention about any benefits which veganism gave me but stay tuned for that ’cause it’s really interesting and surprising in my opinion! :)


Soo that’s the end of first part of reasons to go vegan :) I’m not sure if you were able to read it all but I need to say that I’m proud of you if you did that :D

I hope your day is awesome and you’re feeling great! :)

Stay tuned for next post xoxo

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In our times people often forget how to be present and what it actually means. We spend hours sitting in front of a computer screen or talking by phone with other people. Most of us don’t understand how it feels to do nothing.

I started to think about this few weeks ago when I was sitting in the bus and going to the school. At the beginning of my trip I wanted as always to take out my phone and just start scrolling through Instagram photos. But then I stopped and I became aware of the fact I do it everyday. Every single day I scroll through Instagram photos and in fact it doesn’t give me anything despite the fact that I know what people from all over the world, read: people I follow, do all the time.

We go to school/job and then come home generally choosing the same track every time. But have you ever looked around and seen how many beautiful things you pass?


It’s sad when you look around traveling by public transport and you see only people with their phones, tablets and headphones. I understand that sometimes it’s the easiest way to survive the travel back home but at the same time I think we lost something in the past and now we have even problem with talking to other people (not only in public transport).

No one is perfect and so do I. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not trying to change my way of thinking everyday because I do. And I do it also if it goes about spending my time in public transport. I try not to hide my head in my phone and even when I travel alone I prefer to listen other people talking or just observe the world outside the bus. Keeping abreast of the situation on Instagram isn’t my goal anymore.


VEGAN SERIES #1: My vegan story

If you told me one year ago that in March 2016 I’ll be vegan, I would laugh in your face. One year ago thought about being vegan was so irrational for me and I was truly against all vegans and their way of thinking. I thought it’s so stupid to refuse food you really like only for animals and things which in fact happen all the time (I mean slaughterhouses and all horrors of treating animals in our times).

I don’t remember exactly the day when I started to be interested in veganism but I think it was May or June 2015 when I found Essena’s blog and I was spending all my free time watching her videos about well-being, veganism and its benefits.

Then I started to think about being vegetarian, I was still thinking then that veganism is to extreme but being vegetarian seemed to be not so hard and quite comfortable thing. So I was reading more and more about it but at the same time I didn’t lose my interest in veganism and actually I also was reading more about this lifestyle. After Essena’s blog I found more of vegan blogs and like most people interested in vegansim I also found the RawTill4 diet. I have to admit that for some moment this lifestyle seemed to be interesting for me but then when I really got know any aspect of this I decided that it’s to restrictive and I was keeping doing my research about veganism.

In July 2016 (when holiday began and I had of course more free time) I decided to become vegan. At the same time I knew that my mom would never allow me to be one so I was trying to find some way to convince her. One month later after doing a big research (and when I even did a presentation about veganism :P) I had a serious talk with my mom. She wasn’t happy at all, she thought I wanted to join a sect and she said that she would never let me be vegan. I was angry, disappointed and I couldn’t believe that my mom didn’t want to agree with me. But then she also promised me that she will consider the possibility of me being vegetarian. And that was my hope then.

At the begin of August I went to the summer camp when I was still educating about veganism and health (I read “The China Study”) and I hoping that my mom will let me be vegetarian. But when I came home she still was quite worried and not convinced at all. After long talks she decided that I can be vegetarian but I have to eat once a week fish, 2 eggs and normally other dairy products. I wasn’t very happy but I thought that I can try.

The fish case didn’t last long and generally on the 24th of August 2015 I’ve eaten meat (and fish at the same time) for the last time in my life. I became 100% vegetarian but I still wasn’t happy and I didn’t feel good with the fact that my mom was forcing me to eat dairy products and eggs.

Next 5 months (September-January) I was fighting with my mom because I didn’t want to eat eggs and dairy and she didn’t want to agree with me. Finally in January she started being less convinced and one month later (in February 2016) she said that I can do what I want. At the beginning I couldn’t believe that and few times I ate something non-vegan but then I believed and on the 28th February 2016 I’ve become vegan.


I know that I didn’t mention anything about benefits or reasons why I became vegan but in this post I just wanted to show you my story and facts from my life. In next post from this series I’m gonna say something about reasons and why I decided to be vegan despite of my previous beliefs and opinion about this lifestyle.

I hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned for next xoxo

P.S. In comments below you can tell me about which stuffs you’d like to read in future :)

New challenge

Inspired by Steph Yu I decided to join an amazing challenge which (I hope) will change my life and way of thinking. It’s called 365 days of gratitude and it consists in writing everyday small note about things you are grateful for. I think it’s amazing way to try looking for moments of happiness in your daily life and I encourage you to join me if you only want to.

I think that probably I’m going to do this challenge on Instagram because it’s much faster and easier way to do it and here, on this blog I would like to write deeper thoughts which means also longer posts than just few sentences on Instagram.

I don’t know yet when I’m gonna start this one because I’m still hesitating :) Who knows, maybe I will start it today?